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U.S. and China still head to head on trade tariffs

By April 6, 2018September 27th, 2022No Comments

After China retaliated against the previous U.S. trade tariffs, Trump threatened Chinese imports with $100 billion more in tariffs which can be damaging for both economies.

In the hours following President Trump adding $100 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports, China revealed that they will retaliate with new trade measures if the U.S. continues along this path.

On 4th April 2018, China revealed 106 U.S. goods which are intended for tariffs some of which include: soybeans, whiskey, aircraft and frozen beef. Prior to this, Trump introduced tariffs on 1,300 Chinese technology, transport, industrial and medical imports.

In response to Trump’s revelation, a spokesperson stated that “If the United States disregards the objections of China and the international community and persists in unilateralism and trade protectionism, the Chinese side will follow through to the end, at any cost, and definitely fight back resolutely,”.