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Corporate FX

USI Money is a unique foreign exchange services provider offering
bespoke solutions to businesses.


A world of benefits

The UK holds one of the biggest Foreign Exchange markets in the World. USI Money is the one the biggest foreign exchange services for business with access to several treasury departments and are able to execute wholesale rates on all the major currencies.

Fast and Efficient

Because USI Money has a lower cost base than most financial institutions, we can pass on significant savings directly to you. We do not charge any fees or commissions on payments above our minimum limit. Most importantly, we try and understand your FX requirements and identifying patterns so that you save time, making the process a lot more efficient.

Overseas FX Payment

As one of the leading foreign exchange services for business, we not only give you the benefit of saving on your foreign exchange purchases, but we are able to send payments directly to your suppliers, saving you the time and effort and avoiding any international or local transfer charges. All transactions are normally completed the same day or within 72 hours from date the trade is placed.


USI can deal in all major international currencies and a substantial number of exotic currencies. Major currencies include Sterling, Euros, US Dollars and Japanese Yen. Examples of exotic currencies include, UAE Dirhams, South African Rand, Saudi Arabian Riyals, Australian Dollars. Other currencies are available upon request.

Trading Platform

Our unique trading platform allowing you to trade 24 / 7. Our user-friendly platform allows you to place trades when banks are closed. Your trade will then be executed during the next working day. Our software allows you to monitor your payments, set up regular payments as well as showing a complete log of your trading history.

Help and Support

Our team is always available to support and assist in your concerns and queries. Our specialist team is carefully hand-picked, and collectively have over 65 years’ experience in the field of finance and investment right across the globe. USI Money is service orientated and is something we are proud of.


USI Money is uses SSL secured site. As security is paramount to us and our valued customers, we endeavour to keep all content and platforms in a secure environment. you can connect to USI Money with confidence.

Setting up has never been easier

The UK holds one of the biggest Foreign Exchange markets in the World. USI Money has access to several treasury departments and are able to execute wholesale rates on all the major currencies.

Step One


Register online with supporting documents

Step Two


Call or log in to our platform to view rates

Step Three

Order Confirmation

Confirm beneficiaries details and execute

Step Four

Funds Confirmation

Transfer funds according to our contract note

Step Five

Payment Execution

USI Money transmits your funds to your chosen beneficiary

Step Six


Transfer complete as per value date

Frequently Asked Questions

USI Overview


Monday9:30am to 5:00pm
Tuesday9:30am to 5:00pm
Wednesday9:30am to 5:00pm
Thursday9:30am to 5:00pm
Friday9:30am to 5:00pm

Corporate Transfers


£200 – 1,500



and above

No fee


Who is USI Money?

USI Money is a registered trading name of Universal Securities & Investments Limited.

Are you regulated?

Universal Securities & Investments limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009, registration 574754, for the provision of payment services. USI Money is also a registered MSB with HM Revenue & Customs

How long will it take to transfer my funds?

Most major currencies such as Sterling, Euros and U.S. Dollars can be received the same day (where Bank cut-off times allow). For other currencies it can take up to 48 hours. USI Money uses priority payments for all transfers, which is the fastest and safest type of bank to bank transfer.

How do I pay USI Money?

USI Money accepts funds by bank transfer. A bank transfer can be made online via your own online banking system or by visiting any branch of your bank. Clients with phone banking will also be able to use this to instruct a transfer.

What are Spot and Forward Contracts?

These are the two main types of deals that are available in the foreign exchange market. Spot is a foreign exchange trade with the settlement time of two business days. A forward is similar to spot, but the settlement date can be set up to six months forward. This allows you to guarantee today’s exchange rate on payments you need to make or receive in the future. We can offer two types of forward currency exchange contracts.

What do Settlement / Value Date mean?

Settlement date or a value date is when your foreign exchange trade is available for delivery / completion. USI Money requires to be in receipt of any sold currency before the settlement/value date.

How do I Open an Account?

Opening an account with USI money is simple. Just register online as a individual or corporate FX account. Once your information is received a member of our team will contact you to explain the process.

Does USI Money Charge Commission?

USI Money does not charge any commission to transact your payments for values over £1,500. Any payment made below this will incur a £10 transfer fee.

What is the accessibility of USI Money

The UK holds one of the biggest Foreign Exchange markets in the World. USI Money has access to several treasury departments and are able to execute wholesale rates on all the major currencies. If you are looking for Spot or Forward buys or possibly want us to become your exchange department and monitor rates for you, our flexible approach makes USI Money the ideal partner to trade your FX with.

Is my Money Safe?

USI Money holds client monies in segregated client accounts with its principle bankers. The Payment Services Regulations 2009 stipulate that all funds held in such accounts cannot be claimed by creditors. All funds sent to us are held in segregated accounts that are only used for client transactions and are independent of the USI Money business accounts.

Is my Data Safe?

USI Money abides and complies fully with the Data Protection Act 1998, which protects customers against the misuse of personal data held across both manual and electronic records.

Forward Points

The difference between the spot rate (today’s exchange rate) and the forward rate (the future ex-change rate)


The type of money that country uses

Cross Rate

The exchange rate between 2 currencies.


Inward Funds Receipt from the customer in terms of currency sold. e.g. A customer SELLS GBP and BUYS USD, the Inward Funds Receipt will be in GBP.


International bank account number


Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.


Current Rate for spot transactions.

Deal Ticket

The basic method of recording the information related to transactions.


Outward Funds Remittance to the customer’s beneficiary. e.g. A customer SELLS GBP and BUYS USD, the Outward Funds Remittance will be in USD.


Bank Automated Clearing System – the electronic process for Sterling clearing for domestic banks. A cost saving process that should take 3 business days to reach the destination account.


Clearing House Automated Payment System (for transfers within the UK) – an electronic means of making payments. The fastest payment available, which usually results in the destination account being credited on the same day. Also called a WIRE (principally in the US) and formerly called a Tele-graphic Transfer (TT). The expression is also used when making payments overseas in foreign curren-cies and which, within banking system, are referred to as Electronic Payments and are either an Ur-gent or Standard Transfers, the Standard transfer taking an extra day.


The amount of money at risk due to Foreign Exchange Rate movements.

Forward Rate

The rate at which two currencies can be exchanged on a pre-set future date.


Good Till Cancelled. A GTC foreign exchange order will be left in the market until executed or cancelled by the client.


A method of protection against future currency exchange rate fluctuations.

Limit Order

lacing a limit order enables you to specify a defined rate of exchange that you would like to buy at. In other words, a better rate than is currently available. For example, if the Euro is currently trading at €1.48 to the £1, you can place a limit order to buy Euros if and when they reach €1.50 to the £1.


“One Cancels Other”. A combination of a ‘Stop Loss’ order and a ‘Take Profit’ order. When one of these two foreign currency orders is executed, the other order is automatically cancelled.


Where a client can leave an “order” with us to transact on your behalf if a particular exchange rate is reached.

Stop Loss Order

A stop loss order is a means of limiting a client’s risk from adverse exchange rates. A currency ex-change level is set. If that currency exchange level is reached, the trade is automatically executed in the market. The currency level used for a stop loss order is always worse than the current market price. This is a way to protect you from adverse changes in exchange rates without needing to con-stantly monitor the rate. Using a Euro example, if the market is trading at Euros €1.49 and you think that you may get a better rate by waiting, you can still protect yourself in case the market moves against you by placing a stop loss order at Euros.

Take Profit Order

Like a “stop loss order”, a take profit order first involves setting a currency exchange level. Once that currency exchange level is reached, the trade is executed in the foreign exchange market. The currencies level used for a take profit order is always better than the current market price. This is a way to capitalise on improvements in exchange rates without needing to constantly monitor the rate.

Settlement Date

The date for the exchange of payments of the currencies following an agreed foreign exchange Contracts.